Catalog of Flies for sale

There are four categories of flies as well as other items I am offering on this web site as described below. Click on the title or the picture in each category to see a catalogue of current offerings. I will add new patterns to each section (except the Blacker and Traherne sections) from time to time.

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Please allow 4 - 6 weeks to complete your order. For books and DVDs items will be shipped much sooner, usually within 2 weeks for domestic orders. I do not keep the books in stock but order them directly from the publisher as I receive orders for them.

Note: For a limited time all items on this web site include shipping in the price of each (except for international orders. See details on the catalog pages).

Classic Salmon Patterns

This section features classic patterns from the 19th Century and are the inspiration of all Classic Salmon Fly tiers. The best known classic patterns include the Jock Scott, the Popham (pictured at right), the Black Dog and the Green Highlander.
Modern Patterns

Although I specialize in classic patterns I also originate and tie what might be considered "modern" patterns but which are always influenced by the classics. The fly at right is the Bronze Monarch.

The Blacker Fifteen Series

William Blacker published his seminal work The Art of Fly Making in 1855. Although the book was not limited to salmon flies, these 15 salmon patterns listed and described in his book are still his best known.
The Traherne Series

Many of the intricate and beautiful flies originated by John Traherne in the 1890's were described in The Fishing Gazette magazine of the time. These were, arguably, the epitome of the classic patterns and are among the most difficult to tie.
Special Items for Sale

This page includes special items for sale by other fly tiers, items from estate sales, antiques, etc. Check back here often for new items of interest.