Interested in a one-on-one salmon fly tying class with Mike Radencich?

I am offering one-on-one instructional classes here at my home in Weatherby, MO for those Classic Salmon Fly tiers who want to "graduate" to the next level of tying the Classics. The course spans a weekend of your choice - Saturday and Sunday - depending on my availability. We will sit together at table and tie two fully dressed salmon flies from start to finish - a married wing fly on Saturday and a full-feather wing fly on Sunday. That way you will learn techninques for accomplishing both genres of winged salmon flies.

The price of the two-day course is $650.00 + $25 for materials payable in cash only at the beginning of the course on Saturday (sorry, no checks of any kind, credit cards, etc.). I will provide all materials and hooks and I will provide lunches on both Saturday and Sunday here at the house. You will need to bring your favorite tying tools and vise and you will need to arrange your own travel to and lodging in Cameron, MO which is the nearest large town to me. Cameron is about 50 miles north of Kansas City, MO right on Interstate 35 and about 15 miles south of Weatherby. I will give you directions to my house when you arrive and settle in at your motel in Cameron. Typically, tiers taking the class fly into Kansas City International Airport on Friday evening then rent a car to drive to Cameron that night to the lodging of their choice, then leave late Sunday afternoon for the trip back home. I can also send you recommendations for good motels in Cameron.

Even with all the books now available on tying the classics, there is no better way to perfect your technique than by tying with someone who has been tying the classics for over 25 years. You will leave the class with new insights into using the best techniques to successfully navigate the intricacies of tying the Classics. The class doesn't end on Sunday, meaning that I will then always be available to help you through any problems you might encounter when you're at home sitting at your tying bench.

To book a session, contact me via email at and we can set up a weekend that will work for us both. No deposit is necessary. If you book a weekend but need to reschedule, just let me know a week before the original class date and we can find a better weekend for you.

Classes at your location

I am available to conduct classes year round if you have a number of friends who would be interested in having me come to your location to do a weekend class. The price per person for the two-day class is $300 + $25 for materials payable in cash in US currency at the beginning of the class . The class must have a minimum of five students with an absolute maximum of 8 students. All of my travel and lodging must be paid by those putting on the class. Usually the class organizer can divide my expense cost between those taking the class. My preference is to drive to your class location as this eliminates the problems encountered with getting materials, tying tools, head cements, frames of flies, etc. through the airport screening process. It would be best to schedule a class during warmer weather (April through November), if possible, as I would rather not be driving through a winter blizzard! But if your location is outside the US we can work out a flight for me to your location.

Each student must provide their own tying equipment. This would include these items:

• Tying vise
• Tying thread (white and black stranded thread - ideally threads should be 70 Denier in size) with bobbins
• Scissors (small, fine scissors)
• Bodkin or shepherd's hook
• Hackle pliers - preferrably a set with rubber grips.
• White silk gloves - mandatory for wrapping silk
• Smooth-jawed miniature pliers
• Tweezers
• Burnishing tool for smoothing silks (fine burnishing tools can be obtained online at Wasatch Angling)
• Thin and thick head cements

Typically, I arrive at your location on the Friday before the class and we then conduct the class all day Saturday and all day Sunday with me leaving Monday morning. Each class day lasts from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon and they are very intensive sessions!

Usually if the class size is small with five students we can tie two complete flies. But with larger classes we generally can only get through one fly. Selecting materials and passing them around to each student can take up a lot of valuable fly tying time so I always select and organize the materials for each fly in a small compartmented carrying case with the materials already cut and ready to tie. I will, of course, talk about material selection during the sessions.

If you are interested in doing a class, contact me at and we can set something up.