Classic Salmon Fly Materials is my second book published by Stackpole Books in 2007. It is Hardcover featuring 386 color photos on 250 pages. The book measures 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

Classic Salmon Fly Materials is a comprehensive book which covers and shows you how to use all the materials needed for tying the Classic Salmon Fly. The first five chapters explain in great detail the structure and usage of materials from feathers to silks to tinsels and beyond. The chapters also show you how to use these materials with step-by-step tying sequences that demonstrate how the materials are prepared and used during the tying process.

Chapter six takes you through tying a typical married-wing fly from start to finish using many of the techniques covered in the first five chapters.

Chapter seven is a gallery of some common and some not-so-common salmon fly materials showing, in most cases, the entire skin of the birds from which many of the feathers you'll be using come from.

Finally, Chapter eight is a "celebration" of the salmon fly through hand-colored engraved book plates from many of the best-know and rare books on the subject of salmon flies and how they were used to catch salmon during the 19th century.

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