All the flies I offer on this web site are framed with a multiple mat and a recessed well for the fly. The flies themselves are mounted on posts with very fine thread. On the back of each finished mounting will be affixed a label stating the name of the fly, when it was tied and my signature.

Please note: The frame I will use for your fly will differ from the images below.

Small Frame

9 x 7 double-mat frame.

Large Frame

11 x 14 triple-mat frame.

Specialty Framing

I can also satisfy any special, custom framing needs that you might have. Below is an image of a frame I produced for a friend who tied all the trout flies pictured. Pricing is based on the size of the frame, its complexity, and the number of flies that will be included. Before I cut the mats and order the actual frame, I will send the customer an exact-sized mockup for color and placement decisions. That way, the customer can see what the finished frame will look like before any materials are purchased. I will submit a price proposal for the project before any work is begun. Please email me at if you are interested in having me fulfill your custom framing needs.

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