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Jones's Guide to Norway Reprinted Edition

This is volume #26 from the Limited Edition of 50 copies originally produced by Michael D. Radencich

The 50 copy limited edition of this extremely rare book was produced by Mike as an exact reproduction of the first edition with actual hand-colored engravings just like the original. It also includes two stone lithographs (hand colored as well) at the front of the book. Both of these lithos were produced on high-quality litho stones exactly like the original and were separately printed by a local stone lithographer. The spine and boards embossed graphics were also produced as in the original. The green cloth and the entire binding were produced as in the first edition so this entire book can be considered a second edition of the original. All papers used in the book are acid free. There is a special, modern chapter at the back of the book written by fishing historian David Zincavage which describes the author Frederick Tolfrey and is a fully referenced history of the original book. The Limited Edition reproduction of this 1848 book was published in 1992. It included 40 regular edition copies with slip cover (as pictured) and 10 Deluxe editions.

This copy is in absolutely perfect condition and has reportedly never been opened:

Jones's Guide to Norway

Jones's Guide to Norway

Jones's Guide to Norway

This copy was originally sold to Dick Jogodnick who has since passed away. The book is being offered by my good fiend:

Roger Plourde

The price for this book is $1300.00 and will be shipped by Roger to the purchaser.

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