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Best Apps for Salmon Fly Fishing Tips

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When it comes to finding the best apps for salmon fly fishing tips, here are some top recommendations that can enhance your fishing experience:

Best Apps for Salmon Fly Fishing Tips

Best Apps for Salmon Fly Fishing Tips

Orvis Fly Fishing App

The Orvis Fly Fishing App provides a wealth of information on fly fishing techniques, including tips specifically for salmon fly fishing. It offers instructional videos, articles, and a library of fly patterns to help you choose the right flies for different conditions.

Trout Unlimited

The Trout Unlimited app is a valuable resource for conservation-minded anglers interested in salmon fly fishing. It provides access to local fishing reports, stream conditions, and conservation news, helping you stay informed about the best places to fish and current environmental issues.


Fishbrain is a social networking app for anglers that allows you to connect with other fly fishers and share fishing tips and experiences. You can access fishing forecasts, find local fishing spots, and learn from the catch logs of other anglers who have successfully fished for salmon.

Fly Fisherman Magazine

The Fly Fisherman Magazine app offers digital editions of the popular magazine, featuring articles and tips from expert fly anglers. It covers various fly fishing techniques, including specific tips for targeting salmon with flies, gear reviews, and destination spotlights.

Hatch Charts

Hatch Charts is an app that provides information on insect hatches specific to your location and time of year. Understanding the salmon fly hatches in your area is crucial for successful fly selection, and Hatch Charts helps you match your flies to the insects the fish are feeding on.

Weather Apps (e.g., AccuWeather, Weather Underground)

Weather apps are essential for planning your salmon fly fishing trips. They provide up-to-date weather forecasts, including temperature, wind speed, precipitation, and sunrise/sunset times. Weather conditions significantly impact fish behavior and hatch activity.

Google Maps

While not exclusively for fishing, Google Maps is invaluable for finding access points, boat launches, and identifying fishing regulations in different areas. It helps you navigate to remote fishing spots and discover new locations to explore for salmon fly fishing.

River Flows

River Flows is an app that provides real-time streamflow data for rivers and streams across the United States. Monitoring water levels is crucial for fly anglers, as water flow affects fish behavior and accessibility to fishing spots.

Knots 3D

Knots 3D is a comprehensive app that teaches you how to tie essential fishing knots, including knots specific to fly fishing. Proper knot tying is essential for securing your fly to the leader and ensuring it behaves naturally in the water.


Navionics offers detailed maps and charts for marine and freshwater navigation. It’s particularly useful for anglers targeting salmon in lakes and reservoirs, providing depth contours, underwater structures, and navigation aids.

These apps can significantly enhance your salmon fly fishing experience by providing valuable information, tips, and tools to improve your skills and increase your chances of success on the water.

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