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Best Baits for Salmon Season

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Choosing the right bait is crucial for successful salmon fishing during the season. Discovering the most effective baits and techniques to attract and hook salmon can significantly enhance your fishing experience.

baits for salmon season

Best Baits for Salmon Season

Salmon Eggs: A Natural Favorite

Salmon eggs are a classic bait choice that remains highly effective throughout the season. Fresh or cured salmon eggs mimic natural food sources for salmon, enticing bites from hungry fish. Rig them on a hook with a small weight to drift naturally in the current or use them under a float for visibility.

Live and Dead Baits

Live baits like herring or anchovies are irresistible to salmon, especially when they’re actively feeding. Rig them with a bait harness or thread them onto a hook to maintain their lifelike appearance and movement in the water. Dead baits, such as cut fish or squid, also work well, emitting scent trails that attract salmon from a distance.

Artificial Lures for Active Fishing

Artificial lures offer versatility and can mimic a variety of prey fish that salmon feed on. Brightly coloured spoons, spinners, and plugs are effective for casting and retrieving or trolling at different depths. Choose lures that match local baitfish species and adjust colours and sizes based on water clarity and light conditions.

Fly Fishing Techniques

Fly fishing enthusiasts can target salmon with a variety of fly patterns throughout the season. Early in the season, when salmon are closer to shore, try streamer patterns that imitate small fish or leeches. Later in the season, switch to egg patterns or nymphs to match the insects salmon feed on during spawning runs.

Matching the Hatch

Pay attention to local insect hatches and adjust your bait selection accordingly. Match the size and colour of your bait or fly to the insects salmon are actively feeding on to increase your chances of success. Use techniques like drift fishing or swinging flies to present your bait naturally in the water column.

Experimentation and Adaptation

Salmon’s selective nature underscores the importance of adaptability in fishing strategies. Anglers should maintain a diverse selection of baits and techniques to cater to changing preferences and environmental factors. If one approach fails to yield bites, be prepared to swiftly transition to an alternative bait or lure. Experimentation is key; varying presentation styles, colours, and sizes can often provoke strikes when fish are finicky. Observing water clarity, temperature fluctuations, and weather patterns can also guide adjustments in bait selection. By rotating baits through different fishing spots and monitoring responses, anglers enhance their chances of enticing salmon under current conditions. This adaptive approach not only improves success rates but also deepens understanding of salmon behaviour, contributing to more rewarding fishing experiences.

Conservation and Responsible Fishing

Respecting local regulations and practising responsible fishing practices are essential steps in conserving salmon populations. When practising catch-and-release, handle fish gently to minimize stress and injury, ensuring they can return safely to their natural habitat. By respecting salmon habitats and populations, anglers contribute to sustainable fishing opportunities for future seasons. This stewardship includes understanding and adhering to seasonal fishing restrictions, using appropriate gear that minimizes harm to fish, and supporting habitat restoration efforts. Conservation efforts not only preserve the delicate balance of aquatic ecosystems but also maintain the sport of salmon fishing for generations to come.


In conclusion, Choosing the best baits for salmon season involves understanding local fishing conditions, matching bait choices to salmon behaviour and preferences, and adapting techniques throughout the season. Whether using natural baits like salmon eggs and live fish, artificial lures, or flies, anglers can increase their chances of hooking into a prized salmon by presenting irresistible offerings. Embrace the challenge of selecting and using baits effectively to enhance your salmon fishing experience and contribute to the conservation of these remarkable fish.

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