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Best Sizes for Salmon Flies

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Pacific salmon fishing is a thrilling experience that requires the right flies to attract these powerful and elusive fish. Using the best flies can significantly increase your chances of a successful catch. Here, we’ll explore some of the most effective flies for Pacific salmon, their unique characteristics, and tips on when and how to use them.

Best Sizes for Salmon Flies

Best Sizes for Salmon Flies

Clouser Minnow

The Clouser Minnow is a versatile and effective fly for Pacific salmon. Its realistic baitfish profile makes it irresistible to salmon. The fly’s weighted eyes help it sink quickly, making it perfect for deep waters where salmon often swim.

  • Characteristics: Streamlined profile, weighted eyes, available in various colors
  • When to Use: Effective in deeper waters, during both early morning and late evening
  • Tips: Use a stripping retrieve to mimic the movement of a fleeing baitfish

Egg-Sucking Leech

The Egg-Sucking Leech is a must-have in any Pacific salmon fly box. This fly combines the appeal of a leech with a bright, egg-like head, making it highly attractive to salmon.

  • Characteristics: Black or purple body with a bright, contrasting head
  • When to Use: Best during spawning season when salmon are naturally drawn to eggs
  • Tips: Fish it near riverbeds and gravel areas where salmon lay their eggs

Intruder Fly

The Intruder Fly is designed to provoke aggressive strikes from salmon. Its large profile and vibrant colors make it highly visible, even in murky waters.

  • Characteristics: Large, articulated design, often with vibrant colors and flashy materials
  • When to Use: Effective in both clear and murky water, especially during aggressive feeding times
  • Tips: Use a swinging retrieve to maximize its enticing movement


The Comet is a classic salmon fly that has proven its effectiveness time and time again. Its simple yet effective design makes it a staple for Pacific salmon fishing.

  • Characteristics: Streamlined body with a bright head, often in orange or red
  • When to Use: Works well in various water conditions, particularly in fast-moving streams
  • Tips: Use a dead drift technique to present the fly naturally in the current

Hareball Leech

The Hareball Leech is known for its lifelike movement in the water. Made from rabbit fur, this fly mimics the natural movement of leeches and other aquatic creatures that salmon feed on.

  • Characteristics: Rabbit fur body, often in black or purple with a contrasting head
  • When to Use: Effective in both still and moving water, especially near the bottom
  • Tips: Use a slow, steady retrieve to replicate the natural swimming motion of a leech

Egg Pattern

Egg patterns are highly effective during spawning season. These flies imitate the eggs of other fish, which salmon are naturally inclined to consume.

  • Characteristics: Simple design, often in bright orange, pink, or yellow
  • When to Use: Best during spawning season when salmon are focused on egg consumption
  • Tips: Drift the fly along riverbeds and gravel bars where salmon are likely to find real eggs

Spey Fly

Spey flies are traditional salmon flies that are particularly effective for Pacific salmon. Their long, flowing hackles create a lifelike motion that entices salmon to strike.

  • Characteristics: Long hackles, slim body, often in subdued colors like black, blue, or green
  • When to Use: Best in slower-moving waters where the long hackles can display their full motion
  • Tips: Use a swinging retrieve to allow the fly to move naturally in the current


Using the right flies is crucial for a successful Pacific salmon fishing trip. The Clouser Minnow, Egg-Sucking Leech, Intruder Fly, Comet, Hareball Leech, Egg Pattern, and Spey Fly are among the best choices for enticing Pacific salmon. Each fly has its unique characteristics and optimal usage scenarios, making them valuable additions to your fly box. By selecting the appropriate fly and employing the right techniques, you’ll enhance your chances of landing these magnificent fish.

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