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How to Stay Informed About Salmon Fly Fishing Trends

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Salmon fly fishing is an ever-evolving sport, with new techniques, gear, and trends emerging regularly. Staying informed about these trends can enhance your fishing experience and keep you ahead of the curve. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to stay updated with the latest in salmon fly fishing:

How to Stay Informed About Salmon Fly Fishing Trends

How to Stay Informed About Salmon Fly Fishing Trends

Follow Fishing Magazines and Websites

Subscribe to Fishing Magazines: Fishing magazines are a great source of information on the latest trends in salmon fly fishing. Publications like “Fly Fisherman,” “Field & Stream,” and “In-Fisherman” often feature articles on new gear, techniques, and fishing spots. Subscribe to these magazines to receive regular updates.

Visit Fishing Websites: Websites dedicated to fishing, such as Orvis, Fly Fisherman, and Trout Unlimited, provide a wealth of information. These sites often publish articles, reviews, and tips from experts in the field. Bookmark these websites and visit them frequently to stay current.

Join Online Forums and Social Media Groups

Participate in Forums: Online forums like Reddit’s r/flyfishing, Fly Fishing Forum, and The North American Fly Fishing Forum are excellent places to learn and share information. Engage in discussions, ask questions, and read threads to gain insights from fellow anglers.

Join Social Media Groups: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter host numerous groups and pages dedicated to salmon fly fishing. Join groups such as “Fly Fishing Addicts” and “Fly Fishing Community” to connect with other enthusiasts. Follow hashtags like #flyfishing and #salmonflyfishing for the latest updates.

Attend Fishing Expos and Trade Shows

Visit Fishing Expos: Fishing expos and trade shows are fantastic opportunities to learn about the latest trends and products. Events like the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show (IFTD) and The Fly Fishing Show offer exhibitions, seminars, and demonstrations. Attend these events to see new gear in action and meet industry experts.

Network with Experts: Use these events to network with manufacturers, guides, and experienced anglers. Building connections can provide you with firsthand information on emerging trends and technologies in salmon fly fishing.

Subscribe to Newsletters and Blogs

Sign Up for Newsletters: Many fishing brands and organizations offer newsletters that provide updates on new products, techniques, and industry news. Subscribe to newsletters from companies like Orvis, Patagonia, and Sage Fly Fishing to stay informed.

Follow Fishing Blogs: Blogs written by experienced anglers and industry professionals are a valuable resource. Websites like Gink & Gasoline, The Venturing Angler, and Hatch Magazine regularly publish informative and engaging content. Follow these blogs for tips, reviews, and the latest trends.

Watch YouTube Channels and Podcasts

YouTube Channels: YouTube hosts a plethora of channels dedicated to fly fishing. Channels like Mad River Outfitters, Fly Fish Food, and Tightline Productions offer tutorials, gear reviews, and trip reports. Subscribe to these channels and turn on notifications to stay updated.

Podcasts: Podcasts are a convenient way to learn while on the go. Shows like “The Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast,” “The DrakeCast,” and “Anchored with April Vokey” feature interviews with experts and discussions on current trends. Subscribe and listen regularly to expand your knowledge.

Connect with Local Fly Fishing Shops

Visit Local Shops: Local fly fishing shops are hubs of information. The staff often consists of experienced anglers who can provide insights into the latest gear and techniques. Visit these shops regularly, ask for recommendations, and participate in any events or workshops they offer.

Join Local Clubs: Many fly fishing shops are associated with local fishing clubs. Joining these clubs can help you connect with other anglers in your area, participate in group trips, and learn about regional trends and conditions.

Follow Conservation Organizations

Support Conservation Efforts: Organizations like Trout Unlimited, Wild Salmon Center, and The Atlantic Salmon Federation work to protect salmon habitats. Following these organizations keeps you informed about environmental issues that affect salmon populations and fly fishing conditions.

Engage in Conservation Activities: Participate in conservation activities such as river clean-ups and habitat restoration projects. Engaging in these efforts helps you stay connected with the fishing community and learn about factors influencing salmon fly fishing.


Staying informed about salmon fly fishing trends requires a combination of online research, community engagement, and continuous learning. By following these strategies, you can stay updated with the latest gear, techniques, and industry developments, ensuring that your salmon fly fishing experience remains exciting and rewarding. Prioritize staying connected with the fishing community and leverage multiple sources of information to keep your knowledge current.

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